hazelnut and chocolate, cookies, gianduia

Moderato Cantabile

The chocolate flavour of Italy

dark chocolate with 52% of cocoa, raspberry


A wealth of cocoa with a touch of raspberries

half cream, strawberries


Summer refreshment on a plate

gianduia, hazelnut, chocolate

Golden Escape

The perfect combination of flavours for all your senses

dark chocolate, half cream, hazelnut

Dark Queen

A velvety touch of sweet perfection

vanilla, cream, fresh fruits

Fruit Mix

Everything that nature has to offer
* availability of fruits depends on the season

chocolate, hazelnut


The unbreakable love of chocolate and hazelnuts

gianduia, white and dark chocolate

Black & White

The black and white world of a chocolate rhapsody

white chocolate, cream, hazelnut spread


For true chocolate lovers

hazelnut, chocolate, gianduia


Čokolada i lješnjak vole se javno

caramel, milk chocolate, half cream


A sweet touch of magic surrounded by caramel

chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, cookies


The chocolate queen

chocolate, cocoa, orange


Retro flavour of chocolate and orange

chocolate, half cream, cocoa


An irresistible taste adored by both big and small

sour cherry, dark and white chocolate

Choco Amarena

A passionate cherry kiss

orange and ginger jam, milk and dark chocolate


The perfect combination for daring gourmets

dark and white chocolate, pistachio cream


A moment of intense pleasure

cream, strawberries, meringue biscuit, vanilla cream

Dolce Vita

An airy touch of summer in every bite

dark chocolate, strawberry, cookies


A combination of flavours that sparks your imagination

white chocolate and cream, milk chocolate

Simply Milky

A recognizable name, a taste to remember

vanilla, cream, orange


A fragrant touch of freshness

chocolate, cream, vanilla, sour cherry


A recipe that lasts for centuries

forest fruit cream, yogurt

Yogurt-Forest Fruit

Refreshment with airy notes

vanilla cream, waffle, almond, coconut

Coconut Kiss

Magic in White

chocolate, cream, vanilla, sour cherry

Cherry Mania

A wealth of flavours, a combination for gourmets

white chocolate,half cream, orange


Chocolate love soaked in orange juice

vanilla, cream, lemon


A gentle touch of summer

caramel, chocolate, peanut

Make a wish!

A timeless taste for true gourmets

cookies, cream, fresh cheese

Say Cheese!

Refreshment full of flavour

vanilla cream, minced biscuits


The unique taste of a carefree childhood