About Us

Carefully selected ingredients, original recipes and top-quality production are synonymous for our recognizable desserts.

In devising interesting combinations of ingredients for our cakes and monoportions, we often escape to an unforgettable journey into the world of flavours. Even those more restrained members of our team find it difficult not to fall in love with the romantic notes of our pralines.

Moderato desserts will give you a moment of intense pleasure, a perfect balance of flavours and, at least for a moment, they will take you to a completely different dimension, in which our desserts become a unit of measure for pleasure.


We nurture a long confectionery tradition based on love and commitment.

From the very beginning, Moderato desserts have been an integral part of numerous festivities, celebrations and specialized events, and have soon become recognizable throughout Croatia and beyond.

At the request of the owners of restaurants, hotels and other catering facilities who wanted to bring our desserts closer to their guests, we designed products adapted to new market requirements and thus created the Moderato program of deep-frozen desserts.

Our deep-frozen desserts retain their original, almost intact freshness. They are characterized by handwork and dedication to every detail of production, as well as the final look.


During the production of Moderato desserts, we use only the top-quality ingredients and our own recipes, which we enrich continuously with new combinations of flavours.

Each of our products is a unique rhapsody of taste and we take care of every single detail.

The production of monoportions is much more complex than the production of other desserts. In each monoportion, we have different flavours that complement each other perfectly and give your palate an unforgettable pleasure.

We follow the latest trends in confectionery, attend education programs and visit numerous fairs.